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A C C R E D I T E D  A N D  C E R T I F I E D



Are you ready to learn the beauty that has taken the world by storm over the past few years? Eyelash extensions have soared in popularity across the globe and the industry shows no signs of slowing up. Eyelash extensions are the must-have beauty treatment by all women (and some men) and with rapid advancement in the eyelash industry, extensions are now perfectly safe to be worn for the rest of their life with no damage to the natural lash.


Clients can now have what nature may not have given them, thicker fuller looking lashes that require little maintenance. They wake up to beautiful lashes every morning with no need for mascara ever again. Saving time in the morning and no mascara running on the cheek when it rains.


It's easy to understand why this treatment is increasing in popularity day after day with therapists struggling to meet the demand for these highly sought after treatments. The ability to be able to give clients something they do not have naturally makes this treatment a popular and rewarding choice for therapists.


Are you ready to start your new career? Become a master of your craft and watch clients flock to you to receive a set of beautiful eyelash extensions.



Review Course descriptions below for such information as outlines, topics of discussion, pricing and class schedules. Students are required to bring a Model to all classes.


These hands-on courses teach theoretical aspects as well as step by step hands-on techniques to prepare Students for same day or next day assessment. Once course requirements are completed, Certification by Fine lash is provided. Once Certified, we highly encourage graduates to practice 10+ applications in order to become proficient and to pick up on the speed and precision of your newly acquired skills.


  • 1x pair of picking tweezers

  • 1x pair of isolating tweezers

  • 1 scissors and a brush

  • 20x glue rings

  • 10x eye patch

  • 2x  micropore tapes

  • 5x lash trays 

  • Eyelash glue and remover

  • Primer

  • Cotton wool pads

  • White head wrap

 Please make deposit before booking training 


Meet Mila who came from Egypt to take our volume Lash course. 

Meet Stephanie who took  our beginners classic lash course. 

Discover Your New Addiction!




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