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FINE LASH & BROW was established in  2012 by TOP MODEL turned beauty guru Daisy Ashie in Toronto Canada.    Daisy was discovered as a model and moved to Canada in 2006 and spent the next ten years globe-trotting, walking the runway and shooting photo spreads for the likes of Dior, Burberry, Agent provocateur, Elle magazine, Globe and Mail, Escada Pink tartan Greta Constantine, l'oreal UK and many top brands. After a decade of modeling in Europe, Africa & North America, she decided to join the beauty industry. Working backstage with top make-up artists during fashion week made her fall in love with her newfound career and also as a mom she wanted another career that will enable her to spend time around her kids. During one of her modeling visit to London for fashion week, she discovered women are ditching strip lashes for semi-permanent eyelash extensions. She took the course and fell in love with her new career in the beauty industry and flexibility. It enabled her to spend time with her family in Canada. Exposure to a myriad of exciting beauty treatments had sparked her imagination and so started an entrepreneurial journey which has now resulted in a successfully run beauty salon in Canada.
She completed her certifications at British Beauty Academy in the United Kingdom And also certified by the world-famed Branko Babic’s Phibrows Microblading Academy. She followed her wits and guts to establish this company as a beauty therapist and lash artist. Later, she decided to provide services to clients and courses to interested students worldwide.

Over the years, she built a reputation to deliver beauty services, such as Microblading and Microneedling. Her clientele not only includes treatment-seeking people but celebrities and models.  Her travel diaries proudly present accreditation for FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015, Canada, recognized microblading and lash artist in Toronto, and the invitation to Bermuda for exclusive, elite clientele and celebrities. Also, her award wall has the recognition from Xtreme Lashes for unique

Daisy offers understanding, information, and competitive innovations, and cooperates with others in the business to impart them to the world and lift the business and
education of this industry. Her courses consist of the experienced and the latest expertise to offer classes to people interested in pursuing a career in this industry. Further, she also offers mentorship in Canada, America, Asia, and Africa as a perfectionist.



FINE LASH & BROW, under Daisy, offers a mastery of lash creativity with services: Lashes, Microblading, and Microneedling.
Eyelash Extensions, either synthetically or animal fur obtained lashes for direct application to a natural lash with a semi-permanent bonding adhesive.

MicroBlading/MicroShading/Ombre is a semi-permanent eyebrow drawing correction technique. According to facial morphology and golden proportion, the corrective process
takes place.

Microneedling or collagen-induction-therapy is about thicker skin, beautiful tone, and texture, which is also popular as an anti-aging treatment.  


FINE LASH & BROW Academy offers training in the lash and brow industry for students around the world. For example, lashing, volume lashing, and lash lifting. Each course is set as per the latest eyelash industry advancement, mentored and tutored, by specialists to bring you to lash craftsmanship.

Further, the courses provide in-depth knowledge and understanding of Microneedling, Microblading & Microshading, so that you can offer your clients thicker, fuller lashes, beautiful skin, and other beauty treatments.

Here, become a master of beautiful craft and flaunt your knowledge to have a fruitful, popular, and high-end clientele career. If you have any questions or queries about any service or course, please feel free to send an email.


Brow Artistry

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