Pro model Adhesive was developed for the Volume Lashing technique. Its viscosity is lower (thinner) than the Rapid Clear bond and it sets even quicker. Its formulation and viscosity are such that it helps the placement of the fans and to keep them open. It is not brittle and maintains flexibility. It is easy to work with resulting in less wasted fans and longer lasting extensions.Fine lash® Pro model  Adhesives include:Medical grade – most sterile adhesives on the market. – produce lasting bond..

Ideal viscosity – each perfect for its purpose....Easy to work with – cut down on appointment timeFormulated not to bond with itself – no need to separateLow to no fumes – tolerated by client and stylist alikeStay soft and flexible – do not crystallize, not brittleTrue black color with luster and sheen – eyeliner effectEasy-to-use, see-through bottle – does not clog Shelf life – opened or unopened  - 4 months Clear bond- 4 months Fume Free - 2 months