Latex free

Last 6-8weeks

Best Humidity 40%-70%

Best temperature 68-82 degrees

7moths long expiration date

Glue does not contain BTX  (Benzene Toluene Xylene)

Capacity 5g

Choosing an Adhesive
Because working conditions are always changing, the best tip we give our clients is to utilize a hygrometer, a tool that measures humidity.  As the humidity changes, so do the adhesive we choose.


How do I store my adhesive?
Keep in a cool, dark area. Do not expose to a heater or steamer in working area. If you’re not going to be using it immediately, it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to six months safely or in the freezer for up to one year.

It does NOT have to be refrigerated between uses.

How long does it last after opening?
On average, about two months from the time of opening. If it’s opened all day long and used on many clients, we suggest changing it out every month for maximum retention.

How long do you shake the adhesive before using?
Because of the carbon in the black adhesive, it must be shaken for about 20 seconds. The clear adhesive, only 10 seconds.

What application method to use with fine lash adhesives  ?
Fine lash recommends glue rings should be used with adhesive as it dries so quick. No glue dots or jade stone.  It is recommended that you dispense a fresh drop every 20-25 mins or as soon as consistency starts to change - whichever comes first.

Does the adhesive need burping?
No, it does not need to be burped. Just make sure to clean the infuser well with a swift swipe, using either tin foil or even a cosmetic sponge.  (I always keep one of these on hand especially for this)

Does the adhesive need to be cured with a nano mister?
You can either use a blow dryer or a nano mister -  bare in mind that the nano mister does a better job to prevent any lingering vapors from around the client’s eyes. Use it for about just a few seconds placed about 20cm above the head.

How long before getting lashes wet?
Advise clients to wait a full 24 hours before getting lashes wet if allowed to cure naturally.  However, on that note, lash artists have discovered recently that washing the lashes immediately after application can really benefit those who are particularly sensitive.  I haven't tried this yet.

Is it normal to see little clear/white marks on the lashes when using the clear adhesive?
This is a sign that you have used too much glue.  Try a little less next time and you shouldn't experience this problem.

Why are lashes falling off while brushing after application? 
A few things to consider to troubleshoot the problem….

  • Are their natural lash attached?  Is the client having a lash shed? If so, this is probably your client having a lash shed and is common during certain times of the lash cycle.
  • How long does it take you to get to natural lash?    Our adhesive dries in 1-2 seconds so the adhesive could be dry before you have placed it. In this case, try aiming to produce a bead or two of the Adhesive to the extensions to help slow the curing process down.
  • Are you changing glue at least every 30 minutes or when you notice the consistency start changing, which ever comes sooner?  
  • Have the lashes been prepped correctly?We suggest using Fresh Start lash shampoo to properly cleanse lashes before application.
  • Do you know the humidity of your environment and have the right adhesive for the job?
  • Are you storing it correctly?  When not in use, it's recommended that your store your adhesive bottle in a sealed jar of dry rice to help absorb any lingering moisture in the air from spoiling your bottle.
  • As always, if you’re still having trouble, please contact us so we can try to assist you.