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0.05  6D Premade Volume Fans C & D curl. Hand made heat bonded premade volume fans. Saves you time instead of making each fan.
They are a must have for all Lash Techs. Make full and fluffy volume sets in the same time it takes to do a classic set.
Natural heat bond lashes. Made with synthetic mink lashes.
Available in sizes 10mm to 15mm in 5D or 6D.
Large trays of 16 rows with 10 per row for a total of 160 fans.

Product Information:
- Premade heat bonded volume fans
- Synthetic mink lashes
-12 rows 10 per row
-available in C and D curl
-Thickness 0.05 sizes 10 to 16mm
-Saves you time and easy application
- Fluffy and full volume looks
-Super Lightweight and heat bonded for a slim base that mimics a hand made fans

Most of these lashes I have already made and have in stock. Custom orders and large quantities are available to order and will ship out within 3 weeks. All in stock orders will be shipped out in 1 to 2 business days

6D premade fans

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