Cancellation Policy

  • 24 hours Cancellation Notice is needed for all treatments and services.

  • 48 Hours Cancellation Notice is needed for all treatments and services over 1-2 hours.

  • Failure to cancel within period notice will incur a standing charge of $30

  • Whilst booking, please be advice non-refundable deposits of $30 is required it will be applied towards your treatments, which will be deducted off the bill line when checking out.

  • Failure to cancel within the period notice with pre-payments/Deposits will be lost.

  • In case of emergencies please contact us immediately 416 871 0267

  • Cancellation Policy Applies to all treatments and services at fine lash and brow


Booking online!

 If urgent call (416) 871-0267

Our location 

In the heart of the city


Toronto, ON M5C 2B5  



1.Remove all eye makeup especially focusing on the removal of mascara. Any traces of mascara will prevent total bonding of the glue and the lashes will fall off very quickly, if your lash technician have to remove all traces of mascara we will charge you.

2.Remove contact lenses.

3.If you have a bad cold or flu or have signs of a cold sore, your lash technician will not be able to apply the treatment.

4.Please let me know the following conditions during your consultation prior to treatment. Allergies, pregnancy, cancer, diabetes, fungal infections or skin ailments, eye conditions or surgical procedures within a 10month period.If any apply then, your lash technician may refuse a particular treatment.

Your lash technician cannot be held responsible for any adverse reaction by non-disclosure of a medical condition at the time of your consultation with her and not clearly stated.

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